Where to buy dairy-free Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and mini eggs

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Where to buy dairy-free Easter Eggs, chocolate bunnies and mini eggs 2010


A decent range of dairy-free eggs and chocolate gifts:


Whizzers Mini Speckled Eggs:


Available from good health food shops and Goodness Direct  -  http://www.goodnessdirect.co.uk/cgi-local/frameset/detail/470372_Whizzers_Speckled_Eggs_50g.html

Easter Bunny:

Goodness Direct http://www.goodnessdirect.co.uk/cgi-local/frameset/detail/520250_Humdinger_Dairy_Free_Easter_Bunny_100g.html

A good range of Easter eggs, mini eggs and other chocolate gifts:






A range of Easter eggs and cream eggs:

Animal Aid - http://www.animalaidshop.org.uk/easter.htm

Kinnerton may be selling suitable eggs for children. Contact them before purchasing  - http://www.kinnerton.com/main.html

Dairy-free egg with caramalised pralines;

A lot of chocolate - http://www.alotofchocolate.co.uk/products/category.php?_CatId=232

Check ingredients very carefully before purchasing as ingredients do change in products. Some products may contain soya.

If you are looking to do a bit of research about dairy free Easter eggs for children or adults, or you are looking for any other type of "free from" Easter food/chocolate, then take a look at the Parentsown free from Supermarket Easter Section.  Follow this link to the free from supermarket

Sainsburys are selling some free-from Easter products this year

 Some Waitrose stores also sell the "Moo Free' Easter eggs for kids in the 'free from' section plus a dark dairy free choc egg which I found with all the other easter eggs, although that is more suitable for adults in my opinion.