Soya Milk infant formula warning

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Anyone out there using soya milk infant formula may want to know that we've been told by one of our health professionals that new research has shown that soya milk in infancy can affect hormonal development and fertility in later life.

Some doctors are still prescribing it despite these warnings so you may want to ask your doctor to consider changing your child's milk if they are on a soya milk formula.


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I was interested to read this as it seems quite serious. What should I be going to my GP and asking for instead?


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you can ask your GP for a hypoallergenic formula like neocate, neutramigen ( i can't spell it today!), peptamen junior, pepti or pepti junior etc.

they are all dairy and soya free but some may be more suitable than others.

good luck!

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The following report from Mr Richard James in association with Dr Mike Fitzpatrick (taken from the Committee on Toxicity website ) looks in to the health effects of soya based products. The report should be read to put everything in context but the following excerpt makes for quite sobering reading:

"The estrogen binding affinities of phytoestrogens relative to synthetic
estrogens & levels of phytoestrogens in soya products are reviewed. An
intake of isoflavones from soya infant formulae 3-5-fold greater than the
quantity of isoflavones found to elicit estrogenic activity in women is
estimated. These figures are used to derive a daily estrogen intake from soya
infant formulae of 8-12 contraceptive pills."

The full report can be read at the following link:

What a load of rubbish!!
All 3 of my step daughters have been brought up with Soya Milk as a staple part of their Diet. They have never had time off school for illness and they have never had the flu.
2 are twins and they have all had perfectly healthy children and the 3rd one is pregnant after only trying for 2 months so wheres the problem there.
My baby of 20months is being brought up on soya milk as well and i have never taken him to the doctors for anything
Make your own mind up if your child is happy and healthy on soya milk them keep them on it

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that's great to hear that your step children and your baby have been fine on soya milk.

I don't think anyone is suggesting that soya milk will affect every child and just because some children are okay doesn't mean that all children will be. The fact that it could affect some children is important to consider and personally I feel it's not worth the risk when there are other perfectly good, healthy alternatives out there.

Us mum's have a difficult time knowing whats best for our kids because we are given so much information all the time and we do have to make our our decisions. However, some research is clearly more convincing that others and I think a lot of mum's will be like me and just want to avoid any possible risks if they can.