Grants/Funding for Holidays for Disabled Children

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If you are looking for an organization that could help fund a holiday for your family then try the following link:

There is a good list of organizations here that could help.

please take a look at this site



Looks like a really nice holiday place!

There is also they have a complete section on holiday grants and grants for disabled children.

Try they are a specialist travel company who help families with disabled children find a holiday. No funding is available through them but from my experience very good value, excellent service and they found me the perfect holiday!

Hi, I applied for a holiday funding grant for my family, my daughter has cerebal palsy, we struggled to find information about how we go about it.  We met a rep from Bond Holidays at Naidex this year where they were launching their holiday funding grant application forms "Blitz Forms"

I just got offered a grant and some funding for us to go and stay at their St Anne's hotel which has family rooms, equipment etc.. Really looking forward to it :o) Anybody else who is looking might want to try them see how they get on their website is 

Hi,This site looks really good - thanks for the tip! I will have a good look.  Can you post what the St Anne's is like when you've been? Tx

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Breakaway offer residential activity weekend breaks for young people 4 - 18, with bladder and bowel problems including stomas, and their families.

Their website is:


 I Have stayed at The Bond hotel in Blackpool and had a fantastic time. They had entertainment on every night and the staff are wonderful. The managerment team make them selves know and the owners opf the hotel mingles with the guests all the time. went for a week and loved every second of the holiday. 

 As I've just said i am looking for funding for family holiday as I've just became a disabled person so if any one can help me please do as i am getting told all kinds which most of the time just have me going in circles thankyou

would love to contact  you as my child  has server medical condition

Hi i am a carer for my 2yr old daughter she is termally ill n severely disabled ishe has ohtahara syndrome I was wondering if anyone helps towards holidays aswel as family fund thanks email is Ta