Kinnerton dairy free, nut free, egg free and gluten free advent calendars

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Kinnerton allergen free chocolates and treatsWith Christmas just over the horizon anyone with children with food allergies will know how hard it is to find fun and exciting treats for their children that are safe for them to eat.  But thanks to Kinnerton you can now get them a fun (and tasty) advent calendar filled with their finest dairy free, nut free and gluten free chocolate.

Kinnerton, Britain’s largest manufacturer of chocolate and novelty confectionery are producing their iCarly - dairy free Advent Calendars from Kinnertonfantastic dairy free, nut free, egg free and gluten free advent calendars for the Kinnerton nut free advent calendars9th year in a row.  

They don’t make any money from producing these calendars (they just ask for a contribution towards postage), but they do ask for a donation to the Anaphylaxis Campaign to help support their great work towards helping those suffering from nut and other allergies.

Stocks are extremely limited (with just 400 being produced) so if you want to get one of these great Christmas treats you need to hurry.

Kinnerton allergen free chocolate advent calendars
To see the full ingredients list and to order yours simply download the order form below and send along with payment to Kinnerton.

Kinnerton dairy free, egg free, nut free chocolate advent calendarsBecause of the limited stocks it is strictly a first come first served basis. 





If you prefer something a bit different, Moo Free's dairy free milk chocolate advent calendars are available to buy from using the link below.

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You may also be interested in the Moo Free dairy free Advent Calendars - they look great and taste great and kids love them. You can order the advent calendars and dairy free chocolate Santa's from Freefromforkids

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We bought these last year for our kids and they loved them! They came in same boxes as the ones in the supermarkets so they felt the same as everyone else. I also found a small dairy free advent calendar called 'Choices', from Sainsburys i think, but it wasn't designed specifically for kids.

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If, like us, you've got almost no foods your little one can eat, but want a v special advent calendar, there is an Eric Carle pop up one, where there are little paper doodads behind each door, which you hang on the popup tree. Chocolate-less but AWESOME!

Cath - little one born 2009 has inflamatory bowel and colitis...

the pop up one sounds realy good, do you remember where you bought it from please?

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My son is 13 yrs old now, and has a dairy, egg and nut allergies, for many years its been a nightmare at the holiday times to give him things that he feels 'normal' but tastes nice, ive spent lots of money for items to be binned.

I started when he was very young and is now our christmas tradition, where i bought a material calendar, the one with a pocket for each day, then i told him that if he was good on the day santa would send an elf down from his work shop to put a sweet in the pocket,,, it works great, every morning he got up he would run to check if the elf had been and also a fantastic incentive to be good!!!

we have more children and they all have the same they love that elf comes if they are good!!!



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I love this idea!!! i wish i'd thought of telling my boys that as it's a bit late to introduce the idea now. Great idea though. thanks for posting it.

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You can now get lovely dairy free chocolate santa's too - you can buy the Moo Free ones here: 



i found a dairy free advent calendar in asda called cetic.. its got a lovely christmas design on front and only £2.20.. bargain! my son was so excited .

Hi Kitty
thank you for your reply!!! My daughter had an internal hernia which wasnt noticed on a examination 12 hours before she had to have emergency surgery!!!! I was referred to GOSH on 21st Oct and was seen on 24th of Oct!!! She is seeing Dr Elewad who seems very nice!!! shes now on some medication till Jan and see how it goes!!! i hate the not noing!!!! how old are your boys? why do they go to GOSH?

it was lovely to get an understanding reply thank you again